Video: Interview with High Country Kombucha

Recently, President John Craven had a chance to visit with High Country Kombucha’s Vice President, Shane Dickman, at their office and plant in Eagle, CO.

It’s been a whirlwind of a few months for High Country, which, like other raw kombucha products, was pulled from Whole Foods shelves in June 2010. According to Dickman,the loss of revenue led to a very painful time: because High Country couldn’t get back onto the shelves until early September, it had to downsize its staff.

Since meeting Whole Foods’ requirement that products contain less than .5 percent alcohol by volume and getting back into the store, High Country now faced another problem: the companycan’t produce enough product to fill their orders.  While some of the pent up demand is likely attributable to the growing popularity of both the brand and the kombucha category overall, the absence of the category leader, GTs Kombucha, probably hasn’thurt,either.  To meet the growing demand, the company is breaking ground on a new plant in the near future.

In this video, Dickman talks about being pulled from the shelves, the growing demand for the category, the challenges of being a beverage entrepreneur, and what he thinks about the future of the kombucha category.