Update from BAWLS Acquisition

Jan 3, 2011 – Miami, FL –BAWLS Acquisition, parent company of BAWLS Guarana, reported strong increases in revenue on Oct. 31, the close of their fiscal year after only 7 months in operation. The company continues to enjoy the upward momentum of increasing sales due to a rapidly expanding network of DSD partners nationwide.

The growth phase has proven to be a feat, but in keeping the focus on regaining shelf space and market share, the BAWLS Acquisition Team has managed to successfully close in territories and bring on board 63% of the total distribution base that existed in 2009 as well as build a number of new relationships with distribution partners domestically and abroad.

The BAWLS products, namely BAWLS Guarana, BAWLS Sugar Free EXXtra, BAWLS Root Beer and BAWLS Cherry have regained a significant national presence thanks to the newest additions to the BAWLS distribution network, among them Straub, CA., Banko Beverage, PA., Webb and Gerritsen, WI., R.S. Lipman, TN., Great Micros, ID., Johnson Distributing, WI., Viking Coke, MN. and Eby Brown. On the international stage, BAWLS is rapidly regaining a foothold in Canada and quickly becoming a sensation in The Netherlands, Germany, and Japan. There are ongoing negotiations for expansion into the UK, the EU, South and Central America as well as portions of the Caribbean.

The BAWLS brand is poised for a strong comeback in 2011. Since returning to the market in April of 2010, the packaging has been redesigned, new POS has been fabricated and the BAWLS Masterminds are currently in the labs engineering new concoctions for the possibility of a new product launch in the coming year.