Arian Foster is Now Powered by Fuse

AVENTURA, Fla., Oct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd. (OTCQB: DEGH), the parent company of Fuse Science, Inc. (, announced today that it has entered into an endorsement partnership with NFL star Arian Foster, running back for the Houston Texans.

Foster was the 2010 NFL rushing and touchdown leader. He had been slowed by a hamstring injury early this season, but has come back strong with a breakout game for 155 yards and a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers on October 2.

Foster took careful steps through training and nutrition to return to his pro-bowl performance level. He has participated in tests of our planned EnerJel product and plans to make it an important component of his treatment routine.  “I live a healthy lifestyle. It’s part of my job,” said Foster. “I will only use products that fit my nutrition and training regimen. That’s why I chose Fuse EnerJel, because it is all natural and contains no sugar, by products, taurine or ephedra.”

“I believe that Fuse’s EnerJel will be the most effective product to get me ready for game day,” said Foster. “I don’t have time to wait the 30 minutes to an hour other products take to kick in and EnerJel allows me to train harder and longer. I am excited about this new relationship with Fuse Science and I appreciate the sample EnerJel products they have provided me for my training.”

“Fuse’s EnerJel product will allow Arian’s muscles to recover much faster because after rolling it on he will feel it in seconds,” said Adam Adler, our Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that Fuse’s groundbreaking transdermal technology will change how consumers energize fatigued muscles and speed recovery.  We want Arian to be a top performing running back in the NFL year after year. Fuse’s line of sports products are designed to help him achieve every yard along the way, addressing before, during, and after the game needs for both world class athletes, as well as the ordinary sportsman.”

Our equity partnership with Arian further implements Fuse’s business strategy, by aligning our company and our planned line of sports products with top athletes in different sports.  “We’re changing the game in the sports-business world,” said Adler. Many athletes find equity partnerships valuable as they look for financial security beyond their playing careers.

We believe that Fuse Science’s delivery system will revolutionize how supplements, energy, nutrients, vitamins and medicines are consumed.

If you want to see Arian Foster’s special video interview about his new partnership with Fuse Science and gain insight into what keeps Arian playing at the highest level, visit this week.


About Double Eagle Holdings

Double Eagle Holdings (OTCQB: DEGH) is the holding company of Fuse

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