WAT-AAH! Teams Up With The Anti-Bullying Tour 2011 To “Stop Bullying, Stand Up!” Among High School Teens

April 18, 2011 – WAT-AAH! is proud to be the official beverage of the “STOP BULLYING, SPEAK UP!” Anti-Bullying Tour 2011. This teen-lead tour is traveling to different high schools encouraging kids to speak up against bullying and stay healthy with WAT-AAH!

The individuals who have unveiled this anti-bullying movement, while educating teens from their own perspective, are taking a new and entertaining approach. The multi-talented, T.E.V. (The Educated Voice), and esteemed rapper/singer/dancer, Joie, have been performing along side other remarkable teen musicians, throughout New York metro high schools. Now that the tour is supported by the Department of Education, they will also be traveling throughout New Jersey and Connecticut as well. Using their artistic abilities, the group is raising awareness about the damaging epidemic of bullying that is unfortunately affecting schools across the nation.

“Obesity and bullying have become two very prevalent issues with kids, today more than ever,” says WAT-AAH! CEO, Rose Cameron. “In recent studies, it is found that the odds of being bullied are nearly 63% higher for a child who is obese. With kids like T.E.V. and Joie leading a much-needed movement like the Anti-Bullying Tour, and with the mission of WAT-AAH! supporting and standing behind them, we hope to reach the common goal of improving the mental and physical health of kids in school and in life.”

The teens are going from school to school performing hip-hop songs that speak to teens while sending an important message about respect. WAT-AAH! will be accompanying the tour hydrating the students as well as sharing their misson of a healthier lifestyle.

“WAT-AAH! is a great brand to work with on our tour,” says T.E.V., “Because they see how important it is to encourage teens to be healthy and active and I think that it’s equally as important as speaking up against bullying.”

The tour kicked off on March 10th, 2011 at Acorn Community High School. More high schools are becoming bully-free thanks to the “Stop Bullying!” tour including Abraham Lincoln, Rachel Carson, William H. Maxwell, Beach Channel, Paul Robeson, John Dewey, the High School of Global Studies, and many more!

About WAT-AAH!

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