Bonavitas Honors Memorial Day By Giving 50% OFF To Military Families

PROVO, UT (May 23, 2011) — Bonavitas announced today that it is saluting veterans everywhere by giving a 50% discount to both former and current military personnel and their families. The cutting-edge nutritional company develops and distributes energy drinks and recovery drinks that include natural thermogenics as key ingredients, giving Americans a healthy approach to winning the battle of the bulge.

One of the prime fat-burning foods included in our energy drinks is capsaicin, which comes from cayenne pepper and is what gives peppers their spicy taste. Cayenne pepper benefits are well documented in clinical studies that demonstrate its ability to turn the body into a fatburning furnace. Good for muscle fitness, it has long been used among bodybuilding fat burners.

In addition to their fatburning potential, our non alcohol drinks are natural energy boosters that increase metabolism and mental acuity. Increasing energy is important in any diet and exercise regimen, as doing so allows the extra pick me up we all need to get through our daily lives and still find time to exercise. At a glance, the energy yielding ingredients and their benefits are:

Capsaicin/cayenne: Among the best natural foods that burn fat, it is known to aid in metabolism of fats and support healthy weight maintenance

Honey vs. sugar: The benefits of honey include its use as a natural sweetener and ability to increase energy naturally, without the negative effects of refined sugar

Lime and lemon juice:  These two super fruits have been used for centuries in other cultures for their healing and detoxifying properties

“Memorial Day is about remembering the veterans who have given so freely of themselves to enable Americans to enjoy freedom and quality of life,” said Tommy Wilson, President of Bonavitas. “We support veterans’ efforts by helping Americans maintain a healthy weight that will allow us to embrace life and enjoy the life we’ve been afforded at great cost by soldiers past and present.”

Try our energy drinks for yourself, with the code “Veterans” and let Bonavitas know your thoughts. Sign up at to become part of the Bonavitas online community—and try products, share your opinion and earn prizes and rewards. The first 10,000 Bonavitas online community members will receive extra rewards points.


Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Bonavitas is a wellness company dedicated to the development and distribution of nutritional products that use science and natural ingredients for enhanced recovery, energy and overall fitness. Bonavitas chooses the nutrients and antioxidants that go into each product, based on scientifically supported benefits. Bonavitas offers a new approach to wellness – for everyone from bodybuilding professionals to moms on the go, fitness experts to weekend warriors and anyone with a pulse.