Cobá Promotes Rebranding With Social Media Campaign

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) (May 17, 2011) — Precision advertising agency Sensis launched a social media campaign promoting Cobá, a maker of naturally sweetened aguas frescas. The brand launched as Bonadea, but changed to Cobá, which means “waters stirred by wind.” Cobá is also a Mayan city near the Caribbean Sea.

“Our aguas are sweetened naturally with agave nectar,” said Co-Founder Arnulfo Ventura. “Cobá, or ‘waters stirred by the wind,’ reflects the care we take in producing our drinks. It just seemed natural for us to look to our heritage for inspiration when coming up with a new name.”

Sensis launched a guerilla, social media-based ad campaign promoting the change to Cobá and aimed at expanding the 2-year-old beverage company’s loyal base by introducing its drinks to an audience eager to taste something authentic.

“There is an entire segment of younger Latinos who have embraced American culture while maintaining an appreciation for their families’ culture and craving authenticity,” said Sensis President José Villa. “Our goal is to build a groundswell around the brand and leverage the social media where young Latinos gather to share their latest discoveries in music, fashion, and culture.”

Cobá fans on Facebook ( and followers on Twitter ( will be able to participate in contests for prizes. Los Angeles locals can use Foursquare to find Cobá and the authentic flavors it compliments.

About Cobá
Cobá was founded by two ex-bankers who noticed the lack of quality aguas frescas while attending business school at Stanford. Everything available was loaded with empty calories, sugar, preservatives and sodium, carbonated, and in some cases, made with coloring. Cobá is the opposite, crafting delicious aguas frescas sweetened with agave nectar, which is healthier than other sweeteners according to the glycemic index. The flavors, and where to find them, are at

About Sensis
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