Cold Star Introduces Creamy New Energy Drink, CAF Fusion

MT. EPHIRAM, NJ (July 27, 2011)— Cold Star Inc. is proud to announce their new grab-and-go coffee infused energy drink line, CAF Fusion. Unlike other energy drinks, these delightfully creamy and delicious drinks feature an energy boost with great, emboldened taste.

CAF Fusion is available in three dynamite flavors: Java Jolt, Mocha Blast, and Vanilla Vortex. Each features CAF Fusion’s obvious energy-boost advantage: unique qualities and unrivaled great taste.

Java Jolt is bold and energizing with full-bodied coffee flavor, perfect for those who love the taste of coffee. Creamy, smooth, and balanced with the right touch of sweetness, Java Jolt will satisfy even the most intense coffee cravings. This boost in a bottle could start your day, or get you through it.

Mocha Blast mixes two of the most desirable flavors in the world: coffee and chocolate. When combined in this blend of CAF Fusion, the two flavors create an energy drink featuring the perfect twist of bold coffee and rich cocoa. Mocha Blast gives the consumer the extra energy burst they seek while satisfying their sweet tooth in the process.

Finally, Vanilla Vortex combines the tempting lure of aromatic coffee with a creamy finish of vanilla. This energy lifter provides a delectable, sweet surge to lift spirits to get through the day.  Vanilla Vortex is an indulgence that only you will know is an energy drink.

The wide array of CAF Fusion flavors ensures that consumers will get the energy lift they desire in an outstanding beverage drink with every flavor.  Available in 12-ounce bottles, visit the CAF Fusion website ( or call Cold Star, Inc. at 800-269-4052 for additional information.