Ferrarelle USA Goes National at Summer Fancy Food Show

Washington, DC (July 10, 2011) – At the Summer Fancy Food Show, Ron Salerno, managing director of Ferrarelle USA (www.ferrarelleusa.com), announced national distribution deals with leading distributors in the retail and food service sectors effectively making Ferrarelle a national brand after a one year soft launch period in the US market. The only mineral water brand sold widely throughout all of Italy, Ferrarelle SpA from Campania is now expanding its international business with a major move in the US. “Nobody appreciates quality mineral water more than the Italians, and now we’re happy to bring Italy’s favorite brand to America,” said Mr. Salerno.  “Given the delicious taste and the health benefits, we’re sure Americans who appreciate fine cuisine will embrace Ferrarelle as the Italians do.”

Ferrarelle naturally sparkling mineral water is bottled straight from the source in Riardo ? near Caserta in the region of Campania ? where the rich volcanic soil from the Roccamonfina volcano imparts precious minerals to the water, including calcium (one liter of Ferrarelle provides about 35% of the recommended daily intake for calcium), magnesium and potassium. These minerals, known for their health benefits, aid in digestion and make Ferrarelle the natural choice of mineral water among Italians, the world’s largest consumers of bottled water per capita in the world. To guarantee the unparalleled quality of the product, Ferrarelle SpA uses a comprehensive monitoring system that involves 615 analytical controls and inspections from source to bottle every day.

In addition to health benefits, Ferrarelle is a great accompaniment to food including pizzas, ravioli, salads and white meats.  Its natural bubbles are smooth and soft on the palate, like a fine prosecco, making it a favorite of chefs.  The style of Ferrarelle mineral makes it a perfect pairing to drink with wine and is a favorite of 2010 World Champion Sommelier, Luca Gardini. “Ferrarelle is an amazing water with a particular organoleptic profile that makes it different from any other mineral water, with good structure and medium sharpness,” described Mr. Gardini. “Its taste reveals a wide range of mineral and salty sensations that make it easy to drink, just like a fine wine. Ferrarelle allows you to feel all its character in its taste.”

Ferrarelle is available in one liter, 750 ml, half liter and individual serving 1/3 liter sizes.  In addition to the Ferrarelle brand, Ferrarelle USA will also market Platinum, a premium restaurant brand, and Natia, a still mineral water.

“For Italians, drinking Ferrarelle is like tasting a little piece of home,” says Lou Di Palo who carries the Ferrarelle line in his famed Di Palo’s Fine Foods in NYC’s Little Italy. “Ferrarelle embodies the finest Italian cuisine and we’re happy to be able to offer it to our customers who seek out the very best products from Italy.”

About Ferrarelle USA

Ferrarelle USA (www.ferrarelleusa.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrarelle SpA responsible for all sales and marketing in the US. Purchased in 2005 by Italian entrepreneur Dr. Carlo Pontecorvo, Ferrarelle SpA (www.ferrarelle.it) operates in the bottling and distribution of mineral waters. The company’s brands include Ferrarelle, Natìa (still, natural mineral water), Sant Agata and Boario. Ferrarelle SpA brands are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.