Frieda’s Inc. Now Exclusive Marketer of MOAB Superfruit Juice Blends

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (October 2011) – Frieda’s Specialty Produce is excited to announce they have signed a multi-year exclusive sales and distribution agreement with MOAB Superfruit Juice Blends™.  The MOAB line of pure fruit juices includes three proprietary blends, Açai, Pomegranate, and Wild Blueberry, which will be exclusively distributed by Frieda’s Inc. in all retail, foodservice and wholesale channels.

“I came to Frieda’s Inc. with MOAB Superfruit Juice Blends™ because they invented the specialty fruit category and are as passionate as we are about superfruits and their health benefits,” said Terry Xanthos, Chairman of MOAB. “When I met Karen Caplan and the team at Frieda’s we had an immediate connection.”

“Since we have sold whole fruit superfruits for many years, it was natural to partner with MOAB to market their juice line,” said Karen Caplan, Frieda’s CEO. “Both Frieda’s and MOAB are aligned in their commitment to change the way America eats by making more varieties of fruits and vegetables accessible. These pure and unique juices will make it easier for all consumers, young and old, to enjoy the flavor and health benefits of superfruits.”

MOAB Superfruit Juice Blends™ are 100% pure juices with each featured “superfruit” as the first ingredient, Açai, Pomegranate, and Wild Blueberry, respectively. Known for their naturally high antioxidant levels, the fruit juices are further enhanced with Ecofruits Pure Dried Powders™, boosting the antioxidant power.

Terry Xanthos is well known in the juice industry as the genius behind the Frutzzo line of juices, which he introduced to the United States in 2000.  Xanthos is considered a global pioneer and subject matter expert on açai and pomegranate juice, and will be personally pouring MOAB juice samples and answering questions at the Frieda’s PMA Fresh Summit Booth #2546.

MOAB’s (10.5 oz) personal serving size bottle makes its debut at PMA Fresh Summit with Frieda’s. MOAB has been marketing 32 oz bottles of Açai, Pomegranate and Wild Blueberry for two years and due to customer demand is now launching a consumer-friendly 10.5 oz bottle.

Xanthos credits his wife, Dr. Jennifer Xanthos, with naming MOAB juices after their favorite place on Earth — Moab, Utah. The small resort town is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and home to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. MOAB juices feature a sporty bottle design that reflects its namesake and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. MOAB also stands for Most Optimum Antioxidant Beverage™. But if you ask Xanthos, he’ll tell you MOAB stands for “Mother Of All Beverages.”