Green Planet Completes Coast Brands Pilot Program

Newport Beach, CA – Green Planet, a category innovator that has launched a 100% plant-based, petroleum-free PLA bottle with vapor distilled water, has successfully completed the Coast Brands pilot program in Southern California and has entered into an agreement with Coast Brands for  representation in the entire Western US Region covering California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. Coast Brands has already secured Green Planet’s authorizations at Albertsons, LLC and Albertsons Southern California –the brand’s first major grocery chain, along with the supporting DSD distribution in the states of California, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada.

“Thanks to this dynamic and experienced partnership,” says Danny Rubenstein, Green Planet’s CEO, “the Coast Brands pilot program has proved to be highly successful in solidifying our go-to-market strategy.” During the four month period preceding the West Region agreement, the Coast incubation team placed Green Planet products in approximately fifty accounts including upscale grocery, convenience stores, colleges, and high-end independent markets. The program has provided vital insight to target market brand reception, pull-through levels, and top-performing retail channels along with other brand performance key indicators which are highly scalable to the full Western region territory.

Bob Groux, Coast Brands Founder & CEO recognizes the tremendous potential of the Green Planet brand. “I’m very impressed with Green Planet’s market performance at retail and consumer levels in such a short period of time.   The brand’s proposition is unique and it fills a void for the savvy customer who is looking to avoid consuming unhealthy chemicals while contributing to a greener environment.  The future is very promising for Green Planet and we’re excited for the long-term opportunities that our partnership will bring.”

About Green Planet Green Planet, founded in 2009, is a bottled water company marketing a 100% plant-based PLA bottle. Offering the better bottle solution, Green Planet’s bottle is reusable, non-leaching, free of the toxins found in petroleum based bottles (PET), and will commercially compost in just 80 days. The water in Green Planet’s bottles is vapor distilled for purity with minerals carefully added for taste. It is bottled regionally for localized distribution, reducing transit miles and total carbon footprint. For more information go to

About Coast Brands Group, LLC Coast Brands Group, LLC, located in Newport Beach, California, is the leading brand representation provider for companies looking to establish or expand sales and distribution to key markets in the United States.  Its DSD Network is approaching 100 distributors that together reach over 100,000 retail accounts in the West, Southeast, Midwest and Southwest.  Coast Brands is unique in that it represents brands to DSD distributors as well as retailers.  Its impressive list of brands/clients include New Leaf Teas & Lemonades, HER, Kronik Energy, Celsius and OhYeah!, ACTIVATE and, most recently, craft beer brands Crazy Mountain and Hardtail.  For information: