Hangover Gone is Now Distributed in VPS Convenience Stores

Wilmington, NC (November 7, 2011) – It is now even easier to prevent or minimize the effects of a hangover by picking up Hangover Gone from shelves of the giant retailer VPS Convenience Store Group. With the convenient, portable 2-ounce liquid Hangover Gone Deterrent and Detox Shot, social drinkers can prevent or minimize the morning after & long term effects of alcohol consumption by drinking it before or while imbibing the alcohol beverages.

Afterglow Beverage Company is proud to announce that Hangover Gone will be available in more than 135 convenience stores operated by VPS Convenience Store Group, an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, Inc. based in Wilmington, NC, with locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Partygoers should look for Hangover Gone at VPS’s Scotchman, Village Pantry, Young’s, Li’l Cricket and Next Door Stores. VPS has developed a new point of sale waterfall display that attaches to the front register counter where the company will consolidate functional shots, such as energy, sleep, mood enhancer and Hangover Gone, together in one place.

“I feel that Hangover Gone is a unique product, perfectly fit for our functional shot shelf,” said VPS Category Manager Karl Beem.

Hangover Gone’s sour cherry flavored shot appeals to that large market of consumers who frequently purchase popular energy or vitamin supplements in shot format. More than 33 million Americans drink alcoholic beverages and a hangover’s fatigue, dizziness, sensitivity to light/sound, nausea, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and shakiness can occur after just two drinks. Social drinkers looking for a hangover cure are tired of myths, gimmicks and old wives’ tales. Now they can combat the hangover effects caused by alcohol, before they start, by drinking a Hangover Gone Deterrent & Detox shot.

Hangover Gone is a revolutionary product that uses new proprietary technology scientifically formulated to prevent the hangover in 3 phases. First, it uses the amino acid Cysteine, and Succinic & Fumaric acids to help the body metabolize Acetaldehyde, the alcohols main & most toxic by product. Second, it uses a powerful blend of herbs, vitamins & minerals to rid the body of harmful toxins. Third, it uses glucose to raise the blood sugar level & provide the extra fuel needed for the cellular metabolization.

Don’t have a Scotchman, Village Pantry, Young’s, Li’l Cricket or Next Door Store near you? Look for Hangover Gone at your local liquor, convenience or drug store or visit HangoverGone.com where you can find a retailer or order online. Afterglow Beverage Company currently has distributorship opportunities available for Hangover Gone. Call 910-742-0152 for information.