HDX Hydration Mix Ready to Quench Consumers’ “Thirst For Change”

San Clemente, CA (June 2, 2011) — HDX Hydration Mix has officially launched their groundbreaking natural beverage drink mix that is both made with natural ingredients and is environmentally friendly.

As a Diabetic and lifelong environmentalist, Vipe Desai, owner and founder of HDX, established his new company and product with the health concerns of consumers in mind as well as a way to address the carbon footprint of traditional beverages and the associated waste of single use plastic containers. What Desai has created is a product and company that not only takes into account the health needs of the consumers, but also the needs of the environment and corporate responsibility.

Evolving from the action sports industry, Desai took concepts from action sports culture and his lifestyle philosophy and applied them in the creation of HDX and its model of business.

“I believe that what is good for society can be good for business”, said Desai. “There’s a tremendous desire from consumers to have access to a better beverage choice from a business that can execute a triple bottom line strategy for people, planet and profits.”

HDX Hydration Mix is a healthy beverage alternative that comes in powder form and is ready to mix in a reusable water bottle. Made with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it is committed to the health of the consumer and is a far cry from the over-sugared and over-caffeinated drinks that are drowning the choices consumers have today.

“Obesity and diabetes are an epidemic here in the US, and sugary beverages are one part of this problem,” said Desai, “and so are single-use plastics. We throw away more than 2.5 million plastic water bottles every hour here in the US. That figure pales in comparison to all the sodas, juices and sports drinks that also come in single-use plastic bottles.”

HDX Hydration Mix is quenching the needs of the consumer by making the ability to be healthy and environmentally conscious easy while keeping it fresh and promoting the active lifestyle. It is aiming to lead the way in the beverage industry not only by giving back, but having never taken away from consumer health, the health of our planet, or the right to a healthy active lifestyle.

For More Information about HDX Hydration Mix visit http://hdxmix.com or contact Natalie Obando at (310)986-5520 or Natalie@hdxmix.com