KarmaLife Coconut Water Introduced to the US Market

Juvenex Inc. announces the introduction of KarmaLife Coconut Water, the first line of Indian Coconut Water available to US consumers.

Unique to the category, KarmaLife uses only Coconut Water from India, where many believe the coconut originated millennia ago. Also, Indian Coconut Water seems to have the best taste among coconut waters given the indigenous soil and growing conditions.  In other words – Indian Coconuts are like Florida Oranges.  For centuries, the Coconut has been a repeatedly woven thread in the tapestry of Indian Culture – the milk used in cuisine, the husk used in textiles, the nut used in religious ceremony, and the water from young coconuts used as a delicious natural hydrator to protect from the equatorial climate of India.

Says Juvenex Inc. CEO Shashi Shastri, “We grew up drinking coconut water in India, and the big thing missing from coconut waters in the US is that great authentic taste one can only get from Indian Coconuts.”  KarmaLife contains no preservatives, or added sweeteners, colors or chemicals.

KarmaLife Coconut Water provides all 5 essential electrolytes Coconut Water enthusiasts have come to expect, including best-in-class Potassium content for great hydration and improved muscle function.  Unique to the category, KarmaLife Coconut Water also has the benefit of Antioxidants to keep cells protected from free-radicals.  With concentrate from another Indian Superfruit, the Kokum Berry (Garcinia Indica), boasting higher antioxidant content than Pomegranate, Blueberry and Cranberry, KarmaLife delivers a great one-two punch of electrolytes and antioxidants.

KarmaLife comes in a 12-oz glass bottle with a beautiful coconut spiral design by award winning design firm, Flowdesign.  The glass bottle maintains the flavor profile better than plastic or aluminum.  The resealable screw-top and round bottle make it the unanimous choice over the spill-prone and flimsy tetra-pak.   KarmaLife is also a “New-Flavor” line in the category, offering the first Vanilla flavored Coconut Water in addition to the original Natural flavor.  All flavors are natural, and exciting new flavors are expected in the upcoming months from KarmaLife.

Juvenex has a unique business model of sourcing high quality raw materials from India with production in state-of-the-art facilities in the US.