KeVita’s Sparkling Probiotic Drink Leads Industry in Live, Raw Category

December 5, 2011 – (Ventura, CA) Through continuous innovation and dedication to research and development, KeVita’s sparkling probiotic drink leads the category by delivering a beverage that is truly live and raw. KeVita is cold-processed, non-pasteurized and kept chilled during manufacturing, bottling and transportation. It is not heated during production in order to maintain the integrity of KeVita’s certified organic living cultures. The highly sophisticated process, developed by KeVita CEO and co-founder Bill Moses, assures retailers that they are providing an authentic live and beneficial product for their customers.

“Several kombucha manufacturers utilize pasteurization that kill the live cultures in order to limit alcohol production” says Bill Moses. “However, at KeVita, we’ve devised a proprietary technique that enables us to deliver a delicious, live and active raw culture through the end of shelf-life.”

“Innovation has been key to our success,” notes Robert Adams, VP of sales and co-founder “Unlike kombucha manufacturers, who have been forced to change formulations and production practices due to above legal limit alcohol levels, KeVita was never pulled from the shelves. We remain unique in our ability to deliver efficacy with great taste.”

“KeVita’s promise to our customers is to provide an authentic product with the highest quality organic ingredients available,” remarks Chakra Earthsong, KeVita’s chief formulator and co-founder. “We’ve dedicated significant resources to ensure that KeVita’s cultures remain alive to afford optimal benefits to our loyal consumers.”

KeVita is the leading sparkling probiotic drink and is sold in Whole Foods as well as other natural markets nationwide. Handcrafted, organic and made with a proprietary blend of four clinically-studied probiotic strains, KeVita is available in nine refreshing flavors. Holistic nutritionist Chakra Earthsong and organic winemaker and entrepreneur Bill Moses launched KeVita, Inc. in 2009. For more info, visit