MADE Drinks Company Announces New 10 Calorie Line Extension

Chicago, IL (June 24, 2011) –  It still has organic ingredients, it still has real fruitjuice flavoring the Green Tea and it still tastes amazing, but now it has just 10 calories per serving.  MADE 10 is the answer to calorie-conscious refreshment seekers who want to be earth conscious too.

MADE 10 will be on store shelves nationwide, starting in July.  It comes in two delicious flavors, Cranberry Lemon and Pomegranate Blueberry.

“We knew there were consumers out there who wanted a great tasting, organic drink, but the calories and sugar were a deterrent.  MADE 10 is for them” says MADE Drinks Company Owner, Charley Snell.

MADE 10 is sweetened with Erythritol and a small amount of  Sucralose.  All other ingredients in MADE 10 are organic. Snell started MADE Drinks Company with the hopes of bringing organic beverages to everyone who wants them. MADE 10 will sell for a suggested retail price of less than $2 a bottle.

“MADE 10 falls right in line with our company philosophy” says Snell, “use the best ingredients possible and produce it in a way that is environmentally friendly”

MADE 10 is packaged aseptically, which means it requires no refrigeration. All bottles are #1 PETE< the most widely accepted for recycling and are free of bisphenol A (BPA).

About MADE Drinks Company

MADE is a Chicago-based, conscious company in business to make products that support good lifestyles for people who pay attention.  MADE is committed to bringing refreshment made with organic and natural products tothirsty people everywhere while remaining committed to being honest about processes, practices and materials.  MADE Drinks Company distributes the MADE® line of organic drinks.   For more information visit: or call 847-386-6670.