MADE Drinks Company Unveils New Label for Green Tea Drinks

Chicago, IL (July 19, 2011) –  MADE Drinks Company is coming clean on the green, Green Tea that is. With a new label that will promote the dominate ingredient, MADE still has the delicious combination of organic fruit juices and organic Green Tea. But it’s all about the Green.

“We were trying to be all things to all people, but now we have a label that is more easily understood by the consumer.  We are a Green Tea drink, with real, organic fruit juices that have always given MADE that unique, refreshing taste” says owner and founder Charley Snell

MADE’s new labels will be hitting store shelves at the end of July.  The label will showcase a new logo and clearly communicate that MADE is a Green Tea Drink.  MADE is also manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, with aseptic packaging that means no refrigeration is required.

“It’s another way we are green” says Snell, “I started MADE with the dream of bringing organics to more people.  I think organic ingredients are best for the earth and best for our bodies.”

MADE still comes in five luscious flavors,  Raspberry Peach, Blueberry Lemon, Pomegranate Lemon, Strawberry Lemon and Blackberry Peach.

About MADE Drinks Company

MADE is a Chicago-based, conscious company in business to make products that support good lifestyles for people who pay attention.  MADE is committed to bringing refreshment made with organic and natural products to thirsty people everywhere while remaining committed to being honest about processes, practices and materials.  MADE Drinks Company distributes the MADE® line of organic drinks.   For more information visit: or call 847-386-6670.