New and Innovative All-Natural Golf Beverage Designed to Enhance Golf Performance

Revolutionary Golf Drink Is Set To Shake Up The Functional Beverage Category

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif., Oct. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — LifeAID Beverage Company (LifeAID) has announced the launch of GolferAID, an innovative new entry in the functional beverage category. GolferAID contains 2691 Mg of active ingredients in the form of vitamins and supplements targeted at enhancing the array of functions required while playing a round of golf – power, focus, balance, endurance and flexibility.

Today’s golfers are more educated, demanding and health conscious than ever before, and the GolferAID team believes their golf drink is at the forefront of the golf fitness movement. Developed by doctors, GolferAID is 100% natural and contains no artificial sweeteners, HFCS, artificial colors, or caffeine. Each 12 oz can contains a mere 45 calories and only nine grams of sugar from its sweetener – organic blue agave.

“GolferAID is not another energy drink or a one-size-fits-all sports drink,” says Company Co-Founder and CEO Orion Melehan. “Our effective golf beverage has been designed for one mission only: to improve golf performance from the inside out. It is a new type of golf aid, one that happens to be in liquid form. From your golf swing to putting and even the enhancement of mental performance, regular consumption of our golf drink may be the best golf tip you’ll ever get. Some players live for the game. Well those who are on a steady golf diet now have a unique beverage to call their own.”

LifeAID has just announced a distribution agreement with AMA Golf that gives them reach into over 1500 golf courses. Free cans of the golf beverage will be distributed at select courses on special “GolferAID Promo Days” which will be advertised via social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter. The golf drink is also available for direct sale through the company website.

LifeAID intends to improve golf in another way as well. Charitable giving plays a large part in LifeAID’s corporate philosophy. Five percent of the company’s net profits from the golf beverage are earmarked for charitable giving which align with its corporate mission – to AID the body, AID the causes, and AID the life of its customers.

About GolferAID

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurial golf enthusiasts Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde, GolferAID is distributed by LifeAID, a beverage company focused on developing healthy functional drinks under a new beverage category: Focused Functional Beverages. The first of these products is GolferAID. For golf tips on health, golf fitness and more, visit their website: Phone: (888) 558-1113