New Powdered Energy Shot Provides Ammo For Your Body

ROSWELL, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solvi Brands, LLC, makers of Strut and Rut Energy Shots, is proud to announce the addition of a revolutionary new powdered Energy product to their current lineup – Energy Stix. Strut and Rut has quickly solidified its popularity throughout the hunting community by replenishing outdoor enthusiasts with an overwhelmingly successful liquid energy shot product – now they’re ready to expand the market with another blast of natural energy that comes in a game changing, convenient powder form.

“Strut & Rut Energy Stix are indeed a revolutionary, new form of sustained energy without the ‘crash’ found in most energy products,” said Tom Mahlke, CEO of Solvi Brands. “The great tasting wild berry powder shot is specially formulated for active outdoorsmen and women. The 3-gram Energy Stix are lightweight, portable, low in calories and packed with energy. The powerful shot is designed to be poured directly into your mouth without the need of water or mixing – making it easy to pack and carry on extended adventures.”

The Energy Stix unique mix of natural ingredients, which delivers a sustained energy lift, has been specifically designed to address the physical and mental demands outdoor enthusiasts face. Stuff it in a turkey vest, whitetail pack, or tackle box for a swift energy boost that delivers uncompromising energy and “No Crash” performance.

“Not only are we dedicated to providing ‘better for you’ energy products but we’re also fully invested in the outdoors industry, with a portion of all our proceeds going to such worthy conservation organizations as NWTF and RMEF,” added Mahlke.

Consumers may purchase the new Strut & Rut Energy Stix or Energy Shots at local outdoor and/or convenience store retailers, or online at

Strut and Rut Energy Shots – Ammo For Your Body.

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