ResQwater Now Available at BevMo! Locations Thoughout California

August 23, 2011 — Intelligent Beverages, LLC announced the launch of their hangover recovery drink, ResQwater, throughout all BevMo! locations in California.

ResQwater was created in 2008 after three years of R&D perfecting a formula that serves as a refreshing hydrator while assisting the body in replenishing resources burned-up while metabolizing the enzymes that cause a person to feel hungover following a few cocktails. The result, a true recovery drink that quickly gained credibility in the beverage industry and piqued consumer interest within 800 retail locations throughout Arizona and New Mexico.

As the buzz grew, Arizona BevMo! customers were requesting the product so often that the respected beverage retailer joined the growing list of outlets. In just a matter of months, BevMo! requested ResQwater be stocked in its 102 locations throughout California!

“BevMo! is a top-tier, trusted beverage retailer and we are excited to be partnering with them to place ResQwater on their shelves across California! We”ve done the research, built a loyal fan base who believe in the brand, and had the pull-through. We”re looking forward to a long, successful partnership,” said David Schuman, President of Intelligent Beverages, LLC of Scottsdale, AZ.

ResQwater is bottled under the authority of Intelligent Beverages, LLC and can be found at restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and various retail locations throughout Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and California. For more information: Please email us at or check out