TalkingRain Beverage Company’s Twist Essence Water is Now Zero Calories and Enhanced With Antioxidants

PRESTON, Wash., May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TalkingRain Beverage Company, a market leader natural water and flavored beverages in the Pacific Northwest, announced today that twist essence water is now zero calories, naturally sweetened with stevia and enhanced with antioxidants. The reformulation reinforces TalkingRain’s mission to be the authority on calorie-light, healthy drink options that transcend traditional beverages on the market today.

Previously nine calories per serving, twist essence water is now a zero-calorie, naturally sweetened, non-carbonated, preservative-free, natural premium flavored water available in a medley of fruit flavors sure to please the palates of any water connoisseur. Bottled in a sleek euro design for shelf and table top appeal, twist delivers the quintessential essence of fruit flavor and healthy hydration.

“With the obesity epidemic ravaging this country, TalkingRain is joining the crusade to provide healthy beverage options to consumers by reformulating twist to be a tasty, zero calorie alternative to sugar-laden beverages,” says Kevin Klock, President at TalkingRain. “We are excited about the fantastic new taste and are optimistic that both children and adults alike can learn to love water all over again without feeling like they are being deprived.”

This year, twist essence water will be making a formal debut at’s “3rd Annual Green and Gorgeous” event in Los Angeles, held in partnership with SHAPE and Organic Spa magazines. The L.A. event will be held at Environment Furniture on June 7th, 2011 to promote the best eco-friendly spas, salons and green products on the market today. Attendees will enjoy complimentary green services, shopping and sample tasty appetizers and beverages.

The water smiths at TalkingRain Beverage Company instill every twist essence water with the perfect blend of antioxidants and fruit essences to make it a truly unique beverage. Bypassing artificial ingredients and sweeteners, twist drinks are rooted with a touch of stevia for extra allure and sweetness – not too sweet, but sweet enough to make each sip more splendid than the next.

About TalkingRain Beverage Company:

TalkingRain Beverage Company is passionate about providing choices to health-conscious consumers. For over 20 years the brand has been the regional market leader and is now available in national and regional grocery store chains across the country.

The TalkingRain family of beverages includes healthy, thirst-quenching product lines: Twist, Sparkling ICE, Air Water, TalkingRain Fusions, TalkingRain Mountain Spring Water and TalkingRain Sparkling Water, all of which are created to refresh the body and renew the mind.