WAT-AAH! Previews A New Product, WAT-AAH! Defense, at ExpoWest

WAT-AAH!, the first and only functional line of bottled water targeted to kids, is showcasing a new product, WAT-AAH! Defense, during the 2011 Expo West being held March 11th-13th at Anaheim, California. WAT-AAH! extends its line of functional bottled water for kids and introduces WAT-AAH! Defense, which contains ultra purified water and zinc, a mineral essential to kids” health and aids in boosting their immune systems to fight off infections and illnesses, like colds.

It is the fifth product in WAT-AAH!”s functional line of bottled water; the first four are WAT-AAH! Body, WAT-AAH! Brain, WAT-AAH! Power and WAT-AAH! Energy. All five skus contain absolutely no sugar, calories, coloring or sweeteners of any kind and maintain a pure clean refreshing taste. WAT-AAH! Defense continues the brand”s tradition of building a portfolio of products that are both healthy and cool, and engaging to kids on their terms. The Defense label was designed and influenced by kids. Specifically, kids chose the bright neon yellow color to symbolize “immunity” and guided the health message on the back of the bottle focusing on a “super hero video game character fighting the germs with immune boosting zinc, making them quiver with fear and running away into oblivion.” These elements complement the brand”s logo featuring an irreverent boy screaming ”Drink WAT-AAH!” – an image and attitude that kids prefer over the more traditional images of tranquil mountains and springs frequently used in the category to convey a health message to an adult audience.

 “Childhood obesity and the many health problems associated with this epidemic cannot be ignored. Our kids may be the first generation in history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Sugar and sugary drinks are ruining their lives. We at WAT-AAH! believe that the right branding, packaging and personality can make a difference. Our logo, labels, and iconography are definitely making kids want to drink healthy without the sugar!, says Rose Cameron CEO of WAT-AAH!” About WAT-AAH! WAT-AAH! is a line of functional water for kids free of sugar, colors and bad stuff! It tastes like pure clean unadulterated water. It is available in over 3,500 stores nationwide including Whole Foods, ShopRite, Gristedes, Food Lion, Bloom, Albertson”s and others. It is also carried by over 600 schools/districts across the country.

WAT-AAH! has sponsored and is the official beverage of events like Willow Smith”s Power 105 Holiday Party in NYC and I Love Me Skating Party in Chicago, NY Children Film Festival, Harry Potter VII Movie Premier, and many others (http://wat-aah.blogspot.com/). WAT-AAH!”s mission is to reverse kids dependency on sodas and sugary drinks and to make water their #1 choice for hydration. WAT-AAH!”s ultimate goal is to helping fight childhood obesity and diabetes. http://www.wat-aah.com For More Information Please Contact Christine Widga at christine@wat-aah.com, 212-627-2630.