1907 New Zealand Artesian Water Launches in the U.S.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new brand – 1907 New Zealand Artesian Water.

Like many of us, our water has a story to tell. While you may not have heard our name until now, our water is well known and loved by people everywhere. How? Because 1907 water comes from the original source of Eternal Water, which is now bottled in the USA. The quality of that original New Zealand source is why Eternal was one of the top selling imported brands in the market. 1907 is now bringing you that original source, naturally alkaline, incredibly smooth, soft tasting water!

1907 has been started by one of the founders of the Eternal brand, who re-purchased the bottling plant at the source in early 2012. All of us at 1907 are pleased to have the team and plant, in the small town of Pearoa, back at work and excited to see people around the world enjoying our high alkaline water again!

The name 1907 is a shout out to the original pioneers who in the year 1907, first started bottling water in the town of Paeroa, New Zealand; a country known for its purity and beauty. Now from our own Paeroa Artesian Source, 1907 brings you our high alkaline artesian water, so you can drink to a slice of history and to your health!

Why People Choose 1907?

• Naturally High Alkaline: pH 8.0
• Due to 1907’s Naturally High Alkalinty, our water has a very soft, sweet, taste.
• Artesian Source – 1907 comes from a protected/confined aquifer, rising from 680ft below
the surface of the earth under its own natural pressure
• Carbon Dated at 50,000 years old, 1907 is untouched by the worlds environmental threats
• Bottled at source
• Sizes: 2 liter, 1 liter, 500ml multi-packs

1907 is distributed in the USA through UNFI and Natures Best

For more information on 1907, please visit www.1907water.com, www.facebook.com/1907Water, www.facebook.com/1907Water, or contact our US Importer: New Zealand Natural Goods (310) 649-6964 www.nzng.com