AVITAE Caffinated Water Launches New Website, New Look

COLUMBUS, OH, May 30th – AVITAE is pleased to announce the launch of the brand’s new website: www.avitaeusa.com. The launch is scheduled to coincide with the first step of a brand refresh that will continue to take effect throughout the rest of 2012. The new website offers a high level of interactivity. The website features a geo locating Store Locator, the Rave Page, and The Inspiration Page. Brian Pitzer, CEO of AVITAE, looks forward to what a new website will bring.

“It’s so fun being part of something as revolutionary as AVITAE. Our brand is living, breathing, and growing. The new website is just a constant reminder of just how special AVITAE can be. Obviously the site will continue to grow as our friends give us new ideas, but I couldn’t be more impressed with the work that our marketing and creative sides have done. They have refreshed an already great brand and it will allow AVITAE to become what it is meant to be… a beverage that allows you to have the caffeine lift you want, with the hydration you need. This is going to be a fun year!”

The Rave Page features articles and blogs who have had amazing experiences with AVITAE and decided to share with others! The Rave Page is community driven and very interactive. From large websites, to fitness blogs, to small mommy blogs, the Rave Page showcases personal experiences with AVITAE.

A brand new Store Locator is included on the new AVITAE website. The Store Locator uses zip codes to geo locate the nearest retailers who sell AVITAE. The Store Locator will continuously be updated as AVITAE continues to grow their retail presence. The new AVITAE website also features a brand new interactive Inspiration Page.

“The Inspiration Page showcases the many facets of life that inspire us at AVITAE on a day to day basis. It offers an extremely interactive landscape with Pinterest, which I believe is one of the first of its kind. The Inspiration Page can feature not only AVITAE’s Pinterest Pins, but Pins from any Pinterest account as well, giving us a lot of room to play with,” said Bryant Fox, AVITAE’s Marketing Coordinator, who handled the creation of the new website along with Deshon Powell of Perspective Design Group.

To see the new website, please visit www.avitaeusa.com.

About AVITAE Caffeinated Water

AVITAE Caffeinated Water is a “vitality-driven” water company, vowing to take the place of unhealthy sugary beverages while still giving people the healthy hydration they need and the caffeine lift they want. Avitae water is comprised of two ingredients: purified water and natural caffeine. Products are currently offered in 45 mg and 90 mg caffeine amounts for all lifestyles, sold nationwide.