Hangover Joe’s Recovery Shot on Pace to Become Football Season Staple

Stores Report Increased Purchases As Football Season Kicks Off

LOS ANGELES Sept. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With college and professional football in full swing this week, Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go™ recovery shots are becoming essential items for enjoying the gridiron season. From tailgate parties to home barbecues to hanging out on the couch alone, football fans are learning that, regardless of which team wins the game, Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go™ can make the following morning a much brighter day.

Hangover Joe’s is now available in more than 33,000 locations across the country,” explains co-founder Shawn Adamson. “And our vendors have been reporting increased sales on the weekends now that football season is up and running. They’re even reporting people buying full boxes so they can hand out the bottles to the people at their various parties. Like chips, popcorn and peanuts, Hangover Joe’s is becoming a staple of the sports fans.”

Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go™ is a scientifically formulated 2-ounce shot that combines caffeine (about as much as one cup of coffee), select amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins and herbs specially engineered for maximum hangover relief results. “Whether you need to face your friends Sunday morning after a college game, or head back to work on Monday, Hangover Joe’s can make the morning after a touchdown,” Adamson stated.

About Hangover Joe’s

Hangover Joe’s is the exclusive producer of The Hangover Recovery Shot, the official licensed product of The Hangover movie and the nation’s Number One selling hangover recovery product. Taken the morning after and featuring a patent-pending blend of antioxidants, vitamins and herbs, Hangover Joe’s Recovery Shot is the quickest way to overcome the day-after side effects of alcohol consumption. On July 25th Hangover Joe’s became a public traded company and is trading on the exchange as HJOE. For more information, visit www.hangoverjoes.com , check us out on Facebook , YouTube or follow us on Twitter @HangoverJoes