Human Beverage Acquisitions Debuts an Enriched Oxygen and Functional Beverage in One

HUMANBA has developed a unique beverage and oxygen system for the Ready to Drink industry that sells more than USD10 billion every year in the US. The specially designed 2.0 includes breathable compressed oxygen that provides additional boost to a functional beverage whilst adding an abundance of enriched oxygen health benefits.

Central, Hong Kong, April 18, 2012— Human Beverage Acquisitions (HUMAN), a company that develops and represents beverage brands, know that everyone is always looking for that next beverage capable of being the next Big Thing.

The enriched oxygen industry, has been building a small yet loyal following as the health benefits of oxygen become more widespread. But, it is yet to break through into the mainstream markets so HUMAN is looking to change this with the 2.0 beverage.

Something is in the air, explains Marc Miller from HUMAN. “Oxygen is like a super vitamin, people are amazed to discover the health benefits attributed to enriched oxygen. And when it’s used in combination with a functional drink, it adds a whole new empowering effect to the beverage and the consumer”

2.0 seems like a normal bottle of beverage when you twist open the top cap and drink, but when you flip it upside down, there is a push down button that releases up to 20 shots of 95% compressed oxygen. The 2.0 oxygen is up to 10 times more enriched than the oxygen we breathe everyday.

Mike Newcomb, from HUMAN explains further, “There is a lot of buzz about superfruits, like Acai Berry or African Mango. But oxygen is like a super-supplement that people should be taking as part of their daily routine. Since the industrial revolution, the oxygen in our environment has dropped from 32% to around 20% in our major cities. Enriched oxygen helps fill that gap.”

The average amount of oxygen in the blood is 96%, but when these levels fall we can experience Hypoxia, which symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, acid stomach. irritability, depression, muscle aches, memory loss and overall body weakness.

“People know beverage with oxygen is beneficial, that’s why there are drinks that contain liquid oxygen”, highlights Marc Miller, “but inhaling oxygen, as opposed to swallowing it, is significantly more potent”.

Enriched oxygen is known to assist in neutralizing hangovers, reducing fatigue, improving skin, decreasing depression and lessening stress. It improves circulation and oxygenates the blood, fights infection and free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

“The ready to drink industry is moving towards intelligent beverages. There are targeted beverages for diet, sports, increasing brain function, sleeping, improving eye-sight and even to improve vocal quality. 2.0 sits right up there at the top of the pyramid for added functionality” highlights Miller, who is one of the founders of international beverage brand incubator HUMAN Beverage Acquisitions.

2.0 also utilizes a first to market, clear PET plastic aerosol bottle technology, that is sure to make aerosol companies sit up and take notice. The first companion beverage for 2.0 is a crushed kiwifruit and honey blend with a light infusion of natural energy that uses a new micro-protein technology.

“If you have a protein bar it can take up to four hours to work,” says Miller, “this super protein is available to the body upon consumption. It’s perfect for working out, yoga and any sports related activities. Because this type of protein is a fat burner, it’s very health and diet orientated”.

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Each bottle of 2.0 contains 250mls of functional beverage and up to 20 1-2 second bursts of unmetered 95% plus enriched oxygen.


HUMAN develops and incubates new and compelling beverages and helps third party beverages break into the international markets. HUMAN also provides a “minimum bite” funding platform for new or expanding beverage brands and this is open to private investors. To join the private investors network, please contact