KarmaLife Now Available Across Michigan in Meijer Stores

Juvenex launches Michigan-based brand KarmaLife® Coconut Water products across the Midwest, recently gaining distribution in 160 Meijer stores.

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) September 13, 2012 – Michigan-based brand KarmaLife® launched their line of coconut water products across the Midwest, recently gaining distribution in 160 Meijer stores.

Juvenex Inc., the creators of KarmaLife®, started as a small startup company in Metro Detroit, and currently feature their specialty water in Busch’s, Hillers, Whole Foods, and other boutique grocery stores.

“We enjoy bringing healthier products to our customers. By making KarmaLife® available in Meijer’s stores, we’re able to bring a Michigan manufactured product to the entire state,” said Pat Gandhi, Chairman of Juvenex, Inc.

KarmaLife® Coconut Water uses coconuts from India, the original source of the sweet fruit. Harvesting coconuts that are pesticide free and fertilizer free, KarmaLife® transforms water into an antioxidant-infused, flavorful drink.

“We make sure to only use the best coconuts from India in order to provide a high-quality drink that is healthy for us and healthier for the environment,” said Shashi Shastri, CEO of Juvenex, Inc. “In dealing directly with underprivileged farmers, we aim to promote fair trade practices and principles.”

KarmaLife® Coconut Water is preferred for its delicious taste, hydrating power, and nutritional benefits. Kokum berries, an Indian superfruit are added to the water to increase antioxidant levels and flavor. Serving as a good source of potassium, this water is available in natural, mojito green tea, and vanilla varieties. Juvenex Inc. will be launching more flavors soon.

KarmaLife® is a line of all natural coconut and antioxidant infused hydrating products produced in Michigan by Juvenex Inc. Learn more about KarmaLife® Coconut Water and it’s availability at http://www.drinkkarmalife.com.

About Juvenex

Juvenex Inc. (http://www.juvenex.com) has been created to bring the healing power of the earth into a variety of natural beverages. Drawing from modern and ancient health practices, Juvenex aims to make worldly wellness available to US consumers. Juvenex Inc. combines high quality natural ingredients with state of the art formulation and production in US facilities to offer great tasting drinks with health benefits.