Party Armor, The Ultimate Hangover Protection, Now Available on

April 2, 2012 – Party Armor is delighted to announce that its hangover protection shot  is now available on Aims to be the source to buy niche beverages online.  They offer consumers the ability to easily order quality products, and have them shipped directly to their homes.  ThirstMonger ships consumer orders to the contiguous 48 United States of America.

Party Armor™ recently joined forces with Thirstmonger and is available for purchase in a pack of six or twelve.

Party Armor™ is a 2oz. shot that you take before bed (after a night of drinking) to protect against headaches, nausea, and fatigue associated with alcohol consumption. Should you forget to take Party Armor™ at the end of your night, you can also take it the morning after to alleviate your hangover symptoms.

How It Works

As your liver processes alcohol, it produces a by-product known as acetaldehyde, which is 10-30x’s more toxic to your body than alcohol itself. Drinking one shot of Party Armor™, before bed, releases a liquid shield of protection throughout your body. Loaded with 18 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, smart herbs, and amino acids, Party Armor™ not only replenishes what your body loses during a night of drinking, but also helps detox your liver, blood, and brain while you sleep!  One of the most effective ingredients in Party Armor™ is L-Glutathione. Considered to be the “Ultimate Warrior” antioxidant, this enzyme helps detox the liver and destroy acetaldehyde.

Party Armor CEO Cason Thorsby commented on importance of ecommerce and Party Armor’s ™ growth.  “I am excited about Party Armor’s™ presence on because, partiers from all around the world now have access to our product.  With growing trends of consumers buying online our product is now in front of potential customers. great sales channel for Party Armor.”

If you would like more information regarding Party Armor™, please contact Katie Ensign at