Q Tonic Changes Company Name to Q Drinks

BROOKLYN, NY — The carbonated crusaders that created Q Tonic announced today that they changed their company name to Q Drinks to reflect the fact that they now have a more extensive line of superior sodas.

Q Drinks currently makes three different beverages: Q Tonic, Q Ginger, and Q Club, a superior tonic water, ginger ale and club soda. Each is different than factory sodas. That’s because we make them differently- with real quinine and organic agave for Q Tonic, real ginger and organic agave for Q Ginger, and real Himalayan salt and more carbonation for Q Club. And then we work with one of New York City’s best designers to ensure that our bottles are as beautiful as the liquid they hold. As a result, each Q drink has many fewer calories, tastes sharper and cleaner, and is great on its own as well as a terrific match for top shelf spirits.

Jordan Silbert, Founder of Q Drinks, explains: “We’ve come a long way since I made the first recipes in my Brooklyn kitchen. Today, Q sodas are being carried at thousands of the US’s leading restaurants, cocktail lounges, groceries, and liquor stores, from PDT to Mustard’s Grill and from Whole Foods to Williams Sonoma and BevMo!. Our new company name reflects how far we’ve come… and gives a hint of where we’re going. So update your contacts and stay tuned.”

About Q Drinks

Q Drinks makes the world’s best sodas – clean, crisp, completely ungeneric beverages that stand proudly on their own or enhance the finest spirits. We use the best ingredients we can find, irrespective of cost or complexity, and then agonize over our recipes to make sure each bottle of Q has balance, depth, and complexity. Our superior sodas are perfect on their own and good enough to mix with the best spirits. And so good that they’ll change the way you think about soda.

For more info please visit www.QDrinks.com or call 718.398.6642.