RAGE Beverages Joins the BCSC in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Montreal (February 9, 2012) – RAGE Beverages, one of the most competitive players in the energy drink market today, is proud to announce it’s 2012 partnership with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada (BCSC).

100% Canadian owned and operated, RAGE Beverages is a leading producer and distributor of high potency energy drinks. In the six short years since its foundation, RAGE Beverages has experienced phenomenal growth thanks to a solid line-up of products and a strong community presence. With a retail network counting over 2500 conveniance stores, health food stores and grocery stores, RAGE Beverages continues to gain market shares with it’s “no limits” approach.

The aim of the partnership is to raise awareness about breast cancer as well as make a financial contribution to the research efforts being made all across Canada. RAGE Beverages will play it’s part by donating 10% of it’s sales on specific products during the campaign and by providing cooler decals and posters to the participating stores of its retail network. During the summer, sampling events will also be hosted to engage customers one-on-one. Education, just as much as visibility, is a vital part of this initiative.

RAGE Beverages is not one to shy away from a tough challenge. On the contrary. It’s bold flavors, unmatched branding and unique blends have proven their worth by learning a comfortable place in an very competitive market. Now it’s time to give back! RAGE Beverages takes it’s social responsibility to heart and is extremely pleased to contribute to the advancement of this cause.

The BCSC is committed to supporting progressive research efforts in the fight against breast cancer from coast to coast. Specifically, the BCSC aims to give innovative ideas and potential research avenues the chance to get up off the ground by funding the preliminary research necessary to apply for federal grants. In order to keep the march towards the eradication of breast cancer alive and well, the funding of such initiatives is fundamental.

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