uvé Tastes Gourmet and Reduces Weight

Luxury meets leaning out

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (July 23, 2012) – Just in time for that new swimsuit, the upcoming beach volleyball tourney, or perhaps your class reunion, LifeStyle Brands International introduces the release of uvé 5 (pronounced “oo-v?y”), a one-of-a-kind five-calorie sparkling beverage containing the very popular, patented African Mango seed extract, IGOB131®, a clinically proven weight loss ingredient that helps reduce body fat three times faster than diet and exercise alone.

This week, uvé 5’s Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemon Lime flavors hit the gym, cafe and retail shelves alongside previously released 50-calorie uvé, also a naturally flavored, sparkling drink. Popular as a healthy alternative to sodas, diet beverages and energy drinks, it comes in three flavors: Black Cherry Lemonade, Apple Pomegranate and SuperFruit.

Chad Parks, president of the parent company LifeStyle Brands International, East Syracuse, NY, explains, “Weight loss is just one of the benefits you might expect when integrating either uvé or uvé 5 into your wellness program. As a beverage for those dedicated to health and fitness, these products have mass appeal for both men and women.

Lou Grom, owner of the Manahawkin, NJ Muscle Maker Grill, couldn’t agree more. “You have to see all the guys that come in looking for it. I am sorry… uvé is not just a girl’s diet drink!”

The interest in IGOB131 began to heighten in 2009 when the journal Lipids in Health & Disease published results of a study showing significant improvement in body weight, body fat and waist circumference as well as cholesterol and blood sugar levels by people taking 150 mg twice daily – the same optimal amount found in the uvé beverages. More recently, TV personality and physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz, is reported to have announced that he’s also a fan of African Mango for its cholesterol-lowering properties.

Along with IGOB131, two other patented products, Capros® and ChromeMate® provide added health advantages. Capros is a standardized superfruit antioxidant, the extract of Indian Gooseberry fruit, thought to help prevent damage by free radicals and to maintain normal cardiovascular function. Niacin-bound chromium ChromeMate is thought to support better fat metabolism and help turn protein to muscle and sugar to energy.

Retailers are already recognizing the industry change that uvé provides. Sports Buyer/Manager Ellis Pascall, of NYC’s Westerly Natural Market, differentiates uvé from the other drinks carried when he points out that “uvé is not the typical sports beverage. It has its own category; we almost need to have it placed in a few areas in the store.”

Chad invites everyone to experience uvé: “We knew the idea of gourmet weight loss would resonate with consumers. We’re thrilled at the level of acceptance and the positive feedback as uvé and uvé 5 hits the shelves and is grabbed up through on-line distribution.”