XYIENCE Xenergy Boosts its Retail Presence in South Texas with Stripes Convenience Stores Partnership

LAS VEGAS (April 19, 2012)— XYIENCE Xenergy announces that a recent partnership agreement with Stripes convenience stores gives the brand a much greater presence in South Texas. Prior to the agreement, the award-winning beverage that’s the official energy drink of the UFC had shelf space in less than 40 Stripes stores in the region. Now the official energy drink of the UFC will have potential access to 537 of Stripes stores in the area. Stripes also operates stores in Oklahoma and New Mexico and this agreement brings Xenergy to select locations in those states.
Stripes will carry up to four flavors of the sugar-free, zero calorie energy drinks, which includes Mango Guava, Cherry Lime, Fruit Punch and Frostberry Blast.
“Stripes is a leader in convenience store retailing in the region, so their increased commitment to our brand is a significant milestone for XYIENCE in this region,” says Reuben Rios, XYIENCE vice president of U.S. sales. “Stripes is an important retail partner who has enabled XYIENCE to further our brand loyalty in the region.”
Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Stripes is the 11th largest company-operated convenience store retail chain in the United States, according to a 2011 Convenient Store News Report.
About Stripes
Corpus Christi, Texas-based Susser Holdings Corporation is a third-generation family led business that operates more than 530 Stripes convenience stores in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Restaurant service is available in more than 315 of its stores, primarily under the proprietary Laredo Taco Company brand. The company also supplies branded motor fuel to approximately 435 independent dealers through its wholesale fuel division. For further information about Stripes, please visit http://www.stripesstores.com

About XYIENCE (pronounced zy-ince)

Headquartered in Las Vegas, XYIENCE products are designed to support an active and healthy lifestyle. For more information, please visit XYIENCE at www.xyience.com. Or connect with XYIENCE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Xenergy (pronounced zen-er-gy)

XYIENCE Xenergy is the official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is one of the fastest growing brands in its category. The first energy drink created by a nutrition company, Xenergy is a sugar- and calorie-free drink that’s fortified with vitamins. All-natural flavors provide a consistent supply of energy, without the “crash” inherent in most other energy drink brands. Xenergy Premium flavors include Cherry Lime, Mango Guava, Cran Razz and Blu Pomegranate. Xenergy Xtreme flavors include Frostberry Blast, Fruit Punch, Orange Fuel and Cherry Rush. Xenergy is available throughout the United States and Canada.