Byarozavik Birch Tree Water Launches

On December 9-10, Byarozavik Birch Tree Water premiered at BevNET Live in Santa Monica, California, one of the beverage industry’s top conferences.

“We’re excited to introduce a new category in organic, all-natural beverages,” said Valery Jerdes, partner at Goodness In A Bottle. “Coconut water has experienced incredible growth over the last few years, and we hope this will be the next big thing. As with coconut water, Byarozavik Birch Tree Water is totally natural, a revered and traditional beverage in many parts of the world, is harvested from trees and put straight into the bottle without additional processing. BevNet Live is an industry conference that compliments our retail launch in top Northern California’s independent retailers. Great brands and innovative beverages have launched here, and we hope to continue the tradition!”

About Byarozavik Birch Tree Water

Byarozavik Birch Tree Water is similar to coconut water in its micronutrient and electrolyte content, but lighter and crisper in taste. It is sustainably harvested in a method most analogous to maple syrup, without the ‘boiling down’ process. The harvest occurs once a year in the spring, as sap begins to move from tree roots to budding leaves – making this literally ‘living water’ that awakens the tree after a long winter’s hibernation. Birch tree water has been a traditional drink in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia and other Northern countries for centuries, renown for its delicious flavor and healthful properties.

Byarozavik is natural, non-GMO, and USDA Organic Certified. Besides being hydrating and revitalizing, it contains unique, naturally-occurring elements such as xylitol (a healthy sugar which promotes dental and skin health), cellular-regenerative elements, and a broad range of micronutrients which are more easily absorbed by our bodies. For more information on Byarozavik Birch Tree Water, please see or contact Goodness In A Bottle at