Former Semi-Pro Soccer Player Launches Tea Sports Drink Company

LITTLE FERRY, N.J. — Vincent Porta is the founder of Hydor Tea, an organic green tea sports drink company that sells sports drinks containing freshly brewed organic green tea, organic cane sugar and four vital electrolytes. The product is the first of its kind to combine organic green tea with organic electrolytes and an optimal 5-6% organic simple carbohydrate solution. The product boasts a whopping 880mg of Potassium per 16 FL OZ bottle, along with Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium.

“What makes Hydor Tea unique is its electrolyte profile – It contains 4 electrolytes in ratios commonly found in whole foods. The electrolyte ratio of sodium to potassium as found in natural, whole foods, always favors potassium. This is why Hydor Tea has a 1 to 4.4 ratio of sodium to potassium,” said Vincent.

In addition, Hydor Tea contains the added benefit of naturally occurring green tea anti-oxidants’ helping to combat the cell damaging effects of free radicals that occur during exercise. The product also contains the perfect amount of naturally occurring green tea caffeine – Sufficient to aid focus and concentration, but not high enough to dehydrate the body during exercise. Vincent Porta, who played soccer for Rutgers University-Newark, is on a mission to introduce the most advanced sports drinks on the market tailored to meet the needs of health conscious, active people.

“Loving every minute of intense exercise but longing for a truly healthy thirst quencher, I was frustrated not to find such a product in my local health food store. In the absence of finding such a product, I made my own,” said Vincent.

His product is the culmination of years of experimentation with organic green tea beverages, Gatorade and coconut water.

“I thought: if you could combine the benefits of these three products, then you will have an excellent sport drink!” said Vincent.

About Hydor Tea

Hydor Tea was founded in July 2012 to provide health conscious consumers with a high quality hydration drink, made with only the best organic ingredients’. The company offers its drink in a Lemon flavored Green Tea and will be sold in natural food stores in the NYC Metro Area starting in the winter of 2013-2014.