Never Hungover Raising Funds on RocketHub

AUSTIN, Texas — Never Hungover™ is currently expanding at a very rapid pace, and to keep up with demand, has launched an ambitious new fundraising campaign using the popular RocketHub funding platform.

The newly raised funds will help Never Hungover™ manufacture and distribute product to over ten states and new distributors that have signed on within the past 90 days. The demand for the effective hangover detox drink has soared in the past twelve months, with quarter over quarter sales increasing at a rapid 15% on average. Never Hungover™ has recently crossed the Atlantic to establish distribution within the U.K. and Middle East.

Never Hungover™ is providing some amazing gifts as part of the donation process towards its fundraising goal on RocketHub. Participants could even receive a VIP trip to Austin for a major Music Festival in the fall of 2013.

To participate in the Never Hungover™ fundraising project on RocketHub, interested parties can make donations on the Never Hungover™ project page by going to:

Founded in 2010 by Parrish Whitaker, Never Hungover, LLC is a privately held, Texas-based company, headquartered in Austin, TX that manufactures and sells Never Hungover™ — one of the beverage industry’s first hangover detox drink.

Comprised of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Never Hungover™ helps the body process acetaldehydes — harmful toxins produced by alcohol — into acetic acid so it can quickly leave the body, avoiding a hangover.

Manufactured in Dallas, TX and distributed across the United States, Never Hungover™ is available in your favorite convenience stores, grocery or local pub.

RocketHub is a funding platform for creative projects worldwide, like Never Hungover™. RocketHub recently announced its partnership with A&E PROJECT STARTUP to find the next big business idea in the U.S.