Omega Infusion Honors National Nutrition Month

PARAMUS, N.J. — March is National Nutrition month and organizations such as the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association highlight what individuals can do to reduce the risk of heart disease and better manage existing heart conditions. Omega Infusion is pleased to participate in the support of this campaign by offering a new, one-of-a-kind omega-3 EPA/DHA enhanced water product.  As Omega Infusion enhanced waters grow in the US marketplace, we are proud to be offering our products in 100 H-E-B stores with Healthy Living Departments.

Omega Infusion is a clear beverage incorporating omega-3s EPA/DHA in a tasty and nutritious form.  One bottle of Omega Infusion water delivers 80mg of essential omega-3s (EPA/DHA), 200% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C and 80% of four B vitamins.  Omega Infusion’s healthy hydration is available in four deliciously refreshing flavors – Berry, Citrus, Fruit Punch and Orange. Omega Infusion Enhanced Waters have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $1.99 per bottle.

“We are very pleased by the early responses to our new Omega Infusion beverages from consumers, health care professionals and of course retailers,” said Director of Marketing, Stephanie Perine . Additional retailers will begin launching in March.  Stay tuned for that news and location availability.

“Our proprietary delivery system is transforming the beverage industry by including ingredients like Omega-3 EPA/DHA into clear beverages, a very difficult outcome to achieve,” said scientist Dr. Volker Berl , Chief Technology Officer of Oceans Omega.  “After many years in development, we are very proud to have mastered the delivery of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids in a delicious, enhanced water line.”

About Omega Infusion

Omega Infusion is a branded beverage lineup offered by Oceans Omega LLC, a leading supplier of advanced omega-3 EPA/DHA ingredients for the fortification of food and beverage products. Oceans Omega’s corporate offices are in Paramus, New Jersey.