Pulse Secures Distributor for Ohio and Kentucky

DENVER — The Pulse Beverage Corporation, makers of PULSE brand of functional beverages and Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade, today announced that it has secured Heidelberg Distributing Company, based in Ohio, to distribute both Cabana and PULSE into the states of Ohio and Kentucky having a combined population base of 16 million. Heidelberg has been in business for 75 years and distributes other well-known brands such as Evian, Perrier and Monster.

PULSE is also on the shelves at Walgreens in New Mexico where it has been successfully received by consumers. PULSE is being distributed by Duke City Wholesale into the state of New Mexico. Duke is a rapidly emerging firm based out of New Mexico doing an excellent job of product distribution to grocery and convenience stores across the US Southwest. Duke distributes many beverage products, including the Nation’s #1 energy shot brand.

Bob Yates, CEO of Pulse, said, “Heidelberg is a key distributor for us due to our rapid increase in chain store listings to more than 13,000. Heidelberg allows us to distribute our products to all of our chain stores in Ohio and Kentucky and gives us our first large multi-state distributor for PULSE.”

About The Pulse Beverage Corporation

The Pulse Beverage Corporation is an emerging growth beverage company that manufactures and distributes Cabana 100% Natural Lemonade and PULSE brand of functional beverages — originally developed by a major healthcare company, in three health platforms: PULSE Heart Health Formula, PULSE Women’s Health Formula and PULSE Men’s Health Formula.