Q2O CrampX Signs Deal With Midwest Distributor

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Q2O CrampX after years of selling store to store growing by physician and pharmacist referral and word of mouth, Lomar Distribution in Des Moines, IA sign on Q2O CrampX as a vendor. Lomar is the food distributor for over 300 HyVee Grocery stores located in the Midwest.

About Q2o LLC

Q20 was introduced to the market in July of 2009. Beginning in 2005 and leading up to its introduction, it was continually tested on real patients who suffered from this condition.  Since 2009, thousands of people have benefited from the CRAMPX, cramp relief formula.  Q2o LLC ships and distributes CrampX from their warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

About CrampX

After years of work, this new product is offering stunning results. This highly effective proprietary formula is marketed as CRAMPX and is changing active lives every day.  Other cramping products normally require digesting a pill or using a type of roll-on treatment that can take up to 30 minutes to begin to take effect. CRAMPX is the first proprietary, physician formulated product designed and shown to work within seconds.  Scientifically combining vitamins and minerals and carefully evaluated and tested by Dr. Dempsey himself, studies have shown the product delivers at a 96% rate of effectiveness.  And, CRAMPX not only relieves leg and muscle cramps, it prevents them from occurring.

For quick relief and long lasting prevention of muscle cramps, simply pour about four chilled ounces into a glass and drink it down like water. That is all there is to it. You will quickly feel relief and have the confidence of knowing you can continue on without further cramping issues. So, now, you can stake your claim to that all important healthy and active lifestyle and no longer be interrupted with the distracting nuisance of painful muscle cramping. CRAMPX is currently sold in drug stores, HyVee Grocery Stores and have expanded toward the athletic market through Alert Services and Collins Sports Medicine.