Renowned Chef Named Brand Ambassador for Badoit Sparkling Mineral Water

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Chef Timothy Hollingsworth, former Chef de Cuisine at The French Laundry, has taken on a new role as Brand Ambassador for Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. Badoit launched in the New York market this month, completing the brand’s national rollout. The timing of Badoit’s debut in the New York market presented a perfect opportunity for Chef Hollingsworth to join the team and spread the word about Badoit’s availability in the U.S. market. Currently served in many top restaurants and hotels across the country, Badoit will expand its presence as Chef Hollingsworth shares his passion for Badoit with others in the industry. The contemporary, French-American culinary chef has been an admirer of Badoit during his 13 years at The French Laundry, and now will contribute exclusive content for the brand, including recipes and pairing insights.

“I am thrilled to join the Badoit team for the brand’s national launch. It is such a beautiful and unique sparkling natural mineral water. It is already used in many kitchens and I think every restaurateur should present it on every table. I have used Badoit throughout my culinary career and I am excited to promote the pairing of such a special, industry-renowned sparkling water with today’s modern gastronomy,” said Chef Timothy Hollingsworth.

Discovered in 1778 in St. Galmier, France, Badoit comes from a naturally rich region of France that many consider the epicenter of creative cuisine…and is home to some of the world’s finest wines. As a result, Badoit has long been selected by chefs and culinary enthusiasts and is the #1 sparkling natural mineral water in the fine dining restaurants of France. Badoit’s signature sparkle is created by the earth. Underground mineral water is infused with naturally occurring carbon dioxide from deposits thousands of meters under the surface. It rises, naturally sparkling, from its source after a long underground journey. Its unique mineral composition and delicate bubbles deliver a clean, crisp taste that enhances, without overtaking, the varied flavors of food, making it the ideal companion for dining.

Badoit, dressed in a new label design, is available in many restaurants, bars, hotels and other venues in 750mL and 330mL glass formats. A 330mL PET bottle is available in all States except N.Y. (expected 2014).

About Badoit Badoit [ba-dwah]: French for fine bubbles

Badoit is a sparkling natural mineral water that has been praised for its qualities since its discovery in 1778. Badoit rises naturally sparkling from its source in St. Galmier, France after a long underground journey that results in its unique mineral composition and signature sparkle. Badoit is an ideal dining accompaniment; its fine and delicate bubbles deliver a clean and crisp taste that enhances, but does not overtake other flavors. While this neutral taste will complement any meal, Badoit’s sparkle adds a touch of refinement and excitement to your fine dining experience. It’s no surprise that Badoit is the #1 sparkling natural mineral water in fine dining in France!

About Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

Timothy Hollingsworth is an established American Chef. Hollingsworth recently served as Chef de Cuisine at The French Laundry in Napa Valley under the mentorship of Chefs Thomas Keller, Corey Lee and Eric Ziebold. Hollingsworth was also a core team member that opened Keller’s internationally renowned Per Se in New York. Hollingsworth also served on behalf of the US in the 2008 Bocuse D’Or World Cuisine Contest, placing 6th on behalf of the US. In 2010, The James Beard Foundation and The San Francisco Chronicle both named him as Rising Star Chef. Timothy currently resides in Los Angeles.