Roaring Lion Launches New Website

LOS ANGELES – Roaring Lion energy drink is proud to announce the launch of their new website,  The new site will serve as a hub for fans, consumers & beverage industry professionals to learn about, engage, and interact with the Roaring Lion brand.  This much anticipated update solidifies the company’s larger evolution from offering an innovative trade product for the Bar & Nightclub Industry (Roaring Lion introduced the first ‘bag-in-box’ energy drink in 2001 and is currently the second-most poured energy drink in the US) to becoming a consumer brand that is poised to pounce on the “off-premise” market (convenience & grocery stores) with their cans & resealable bottles.

“We could not be more excited for the launch of  We have been working hard to continue developing & growing an exciting consumer brand and the new site is an significant milestone to our efforts.  I think that fans will be thrilled with the new look and be amazed by the wealth of content & media, useful information, and unique ways to engage with other fans and the brand,” Remarked Brian Boate, Brand Manager for Roaring Lion.

The new website is centered around a completely rebranded feel & immersive user experience which ups the ante from the previous site in terms of content & interactivity.  Fans are able to connect with Roaring Lion’s “Pride” of athletes, bands, “Students Brand Managers” (college students) & “Consumer Educators” (female brand ambassadors), as well as learn what is going on in their part of “The Lionation”, or challenge their friends to complete dares using the “Lion’s Challenge” Facebook application.  Fans can also shop for products online, as well as get a glimpse into the history of the company & brand on the “Heritage” page.


Roaring Lion is not abandoning their Bar & Nightclub roots, however, and the site continues to position their products as an excellent mixer for cocktails and other libations.   On a page playfully called, “Dipsomania” – a reference to an 18th century medical condition associated with an uncontrollable craving for alcohol – users are able to find the perfect drink recommendation to satisfy their cravings for any occasion and on any budget.  As a part of ‘Dipsomania’, the ‘Remix’ page then gives users the chance to learn classic or specialty cocktails from professional bartenders and provides an opportunity for them to submit & share their own creations and learn about new mixes created by fans around the world.