Video: Health-Ade’s Presentation from New Beverage Showdown 6

When we asked attendees of BevNET Live Winter ’13 to describe their reactions to New Beverage Showdown 6, we heard a lot of the “same old, same old” about the beverage brand competition: compelling; dramatic; inspiring; nerve-wracking; sensational.  Boring stuff, indeed.

All kidding aside, it was clear that New Beverage Showdown 6 featured one of the most diverse and talented range of entrepreneurs in the history of the competition. Beginning with a semifinal round comprised of 20 new and early-stage beverage companies, brand founders gave their best “elevator pitch” to a panel of industry veterans in hopes of being one of the six chosen to advance to the finals, and a chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes.

The final round showcased six brands that represented a variety of new and emerging categories in the beverage industry, including cold-pressed juice, kombucha and maple water. The finalists included Lyft, a “stir stick” infused with all-natural caffeine, vTrue Radiance, a beauty enhancement beverage, Chimp Food, a “Paleo diet” inspired meal-replacement smoothie, Health-Ade, a line of small-batch kombucha drinks, Lumi Juice, a brand of cold-pressed, HPP juices, and Happy Tree, which markets a maple water product.

The competition once again proved to be extremely tough, but when the dust finally settled, it was Health-Ade that took home Showdown gold, followed closely by Happy Tree and Chimp Food, which were awarded first and second runner-up, respectively. Watch the video below to see Health-Ade’s presentation in full, as well and the judges’ reactions and questions for the brand’s founders, Dina and Justin Trout.

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