Vital Root Launches Soluble Plant Protein Beverage

VITAL ROOT is proud to announce the launch of BOTAN, the first 100% soluble plant protein beverage. BOTAN is the result of a unique and patented method used to extract protein from plants and make them completely soluble.

BOTAN is a premium beverage containing 12 grams of plant protein – 25% of the recommended daily value. Non-GMO, Vegan Certified, BOTAN is served in a 12 ounces bottle and contains only 60 calories all without sugar, soy, whey, gluten or lactose.

BOTAN’s goal is to help individuals reach the FDA’s recommended daily intake of 50 grams of protein without depending on animal protein. BOTAN does not exclusively appeal to the vegetarian and vegan communities, but to anyone who wants to be healthy and counteract the negative impact of meat consumption on the environment.

VITAL ROOT launched BOTAN at Expo West 2013 and received a great amount of attention. Multiple retailers and distributors see BOTAN’S unique place in the beverage market and have begun requesting inventory.

A full launch is anticipated mid to late summer, available at select natural food retailers in California and online.