Bai Announces New ‘Bubbles’ Line

HAMILTON, N.J. — Bai Brands today announced the launch of Bai Bubbles, an innovative carbonated beverage that extends the company’s line of healthy, all-natural, five-calorie, antioxidant infusions.

Bai Bubbles will be available in the New York City metropolitan area, with the full support of Bai’s distribution partner, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Bai Bubbles feat

Like the established Bai5 family of beverages, the Bai Bubbles line blends the antioxidant power of the coffeefruit (a.k.a. Bai’s “secret superfruit”), with exotic fruit tastes and natural sweeteners to deliver a distinctively bold flavor experience.

“Bai has figured out the answer to the diet dilemma by creating five-calorie, all-natural, great-tasting beverages with Bai5. Now, with Bai Bubbles, we’re offering an effervescent experience with delicious flavors but without the artificial sweeteners or calories found in most carbonated beverages,” said Ben Weiss, Bai’s founder and CEO.

“It’s in Bai’s DNA to disrupt the marketplace and move it in a healthier direction,” Weiss added. “Bai Bubbles will hit the ‘sweet spot’ for the many consumers who prefer carbonated beverages but who also crave healthier options without having to sacrifice taste.”

Bai Bubbles will be offered in seven flavors, whose names – like the Bai5 flavors – pay homage to some of the world’s great coffee-growing regions. The initial Bai Bubbles lineup will include: Bolivia Black Cherry, Peru Pineapple, Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Waikiki Coconut, Jamaica Blood Orange, Indonesia Nashi Pear and Guatemala Guava. Each flavor will be available in a slim, premium 11.5-ounce can, with five calories and one gram of sugar.

The national retail rollout will begin in the first quarter of 2015. Bai Bubbles will also be available for direct purchase on the company’s website,

“This is an exciting extension of the Bai brand, which will deliver what sparkling beverage consumers are thirsty for –low calorie hydration that is packed with flavor, not sugar,” said Ken Kurtz, Bai’s president. “We consider Bai Bubbles to be part of the evolution from the ‘new age’ to the ‘smart age’ of beverage choices. Today more than ever, consumers read labels and are cognizant of the ingredients inside. With Bai5 and Bai Bubbles, we deliver what consumers want in a very responsible and flavorful way. We are extremely excited about launching Bai Bubbles in the greatest city – New York – with our great DSD partners and retailers.”

About Bai Brands

Bai5 Antioxidant Infusions are innovative beverages that harness the goodness of coffeefruit, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. During founder Ben Weiss’over 20 years in the specialty coffee business, he learned a coffee-grower’s secret: that the fruit surrounding the coffee bean is remarkably rich in antioxidants. After discovering the free-radical-fighting potency of this “secret superfruit,” he worked to create delicious, refreshing beverages by combining fresh exotic juices, white tea extract and coffeefruit extract, sweetened with organic stevia. Every bottle of Bai5 delivers a thirst-quenching experience that is 100 percent natural, Kosher, vegan, low glycemic, and gluten- and soy-free. Bai5 is only five calories, with just one gram of sugar per serving. It comes in 10 flavors, available in stores nationwide and online: Brasilia Blueberry, Congo Pear, Costa Rica Clementine, Ipanema Pomegranate, Malawi Mango, Panama Peach, Sumatra Dragonfruit, Limu Lemon, Molokai Coconut and Tanzania Lemonade Tea.