GoodOnYa Hydrate to Make Its Expo East Debut

goodonyaENCINITAS, Calif. — GoodOnYa will introduce GoodOnYa Hydrate at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. GoodOnYa is a real food company based in Encinitas, CA, founded by Kristen Buchanan, (Fillat) a 1996 Olympic field hockey player and certified nutritionist.

Buchanan developed GoodOnYa Hydrate to compete with Gatorade and Powerade. GoodOnYa Hydrate is formulated with Non-GMO electrolytes, organic fruit juice and organic Non-GMO stevia. It provides pure, organically sweetened hydration and replenishment without the calories, artificial ingredients or artificial sweeteners.

“During my 11 years as an Olympic Field Hockey player I developed an autoimmune disease from eating “sports food” and sugary, artificial sports drinks. This was my main motivation for creating GoodOnYa Bar and GoodOnYa Hydrate”, said Buchanan. “Not only do our products not contain all the toxins and GMO’s but equally as important they contain real ingredients that are totally unprocessed. This makes them more bioavailable and therefore more effective. It’s shocking what’s marketed to athletes; it’s all about sponsorship dollars”.

GoodOnYa will be in booth 1709 at Expo East Sep 17-20.

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