mix1 Announces Updates on Operations and Sales

mix 1 480SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — mix1 Life, Inc., (OTCBB: MIXX) announces its operational business update on operations and sales.

Over the past several months mix1 has faced many challenges in its mission to deliver a great tasting natural protein drink to its customers. The company has achieved several of its milestones and is now ramping up manufacturing to meet the demand of its consumers and to gain market share in its category.

Cameron Robb, President and CEO of mix1 said. “Our new and improved mix1 drink continues to receive positive feedback from our customers and is selling well through mix1’s online store. We will now begin expanding our online presence with Amazon Grocery, and will continue to do so as distributors begin making the product available through retailer outlets both regionally and nationally.

Cameron continues to say, “We are overwhelmed with the response from our customers about the taste of the new and improved mix1 formula.   Our product with natural ingredients is better for you and consumers can still enjoy it for its great taste. I am proud to say mix1 is back on track generating revenue, and our efforts over the past several months are now showing substantial returns. This is a major achievement for our company. We are now focused on increasing distribution through retail presence and can proudly say that we are on track to do so.”

As the company moves forward, the company is confident that it will meet its consumer demand. Purchase orders continue to come in from distributors, retailers, and online consumers.

About Mix1 Life, Inc.

Mix1 Life, Inc., (“MIXX” or “mix1”), is the innovator and distributor of mix1 natural nutritional products. Here at Mix1 the philosophy is pretty simple: we only create products with natural, high-quality ingredients that are truly functional. We believe natural products are better than artificial ones and are the key to leading a healthy balanced life. As a company we want to improve people’s lives by promoting active lifestyles and overall health. Mix1 has the perfect mix to fit your life and schedule. Never again will you miss getting the necessary nutrients because you were too busy to eat. We strive to help you make healthy choices during your busy day in order to help you feel your best not only today, but every day.