Nawgan: New Study Confirms Effectiveness of Our Brain-Boosting Drinks

nawgan-logo-175Recently published results from independent, clinical study show Nawgan -with its key ingredient, citicoline – enhances attention and cognition

ST. LOUIS – Aug. 27, 2014 – Nawgan, the “alertness beverage,” is proud to share the findings of a recently released independent study confirming the effectiveness of the beverage including its key ingredient, citicoline, which is shown to increase alertness, attention and cognitive performance.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – led by Dr. Steven Bruce with University of Missouri’s Psychology Department – healthy participants consumed either caffeinated, citicoline-infused Nawgan or a placebo (matched for flavor). Participants were then assessed using technology to measure brain activity as well as performance on cognitive tests. The findings of the study demonstrate that individuals who drank Nawgan showed “an improvement in the ability to accommodate new and relevant information within working memory and overall enhanced brain activation.” Furthermore, the study states, “Overall, these findings suggest [Nawgan] significantly improved sustained attention, cognitive effort and reaction times in healthy adults.”

“While we are not surprised, we are thrilled with this further evidence in support of Nawgan,” stated Dr. Rob Paul, a Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist and Nawgan creator. “Our goal in developing Nawgan was to apply the very best science and offer consumers a highly functional beverage that was also great tasting and very healthy.

All versions of Nawgan contain 250mg of citicoline, which was shown in a separate 2011 study by McGlade et al to be an effective daily dosage to significantly improve brain function and attention in healthy individuals.

According to Nawgan Executive Vice President, Corey Blick, Nawgan’s devoted consumers are another signal of the effectiveness of the beverage. “We are seeing significant brand loyalty that range from college students – who are applying the beverage to meet challenging scholastic demands – to the baby boomers who are becoming more conscious about long-term brain health,” said Blick. “They are directly experiencing the value of the ingredients and appreciating the flavor profiles.”

Though Nawgan is considered a functional beverage, the development team worked to ensure it offered a favorable taste experience. Nawgan is available in naturally sweetened 45-calorie flavors as well as zero calorie options. “Being good to your brain does not have to be a chore,” added Blick. “We want our consumers to enjoy their healthy choices.”

About Nawgan creator, Dr. Rob Paul:
Dr. Rob Paul is a Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist with specialty training in the area of adult brain function. He’s written more than 200 professional research publications in scientific journals and frequently gives presentations and lectures on brain function. Dr. Paul has also served as a consultant to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the development of new medicines to improve brain function.