onli Beverages Announces Kroger Authorization

onliPALM BEACH, Fla. — onli™Beverages, a premium flavored sparkling water, has just announced it’s expansion of it’s authorization to include Kroger Supermarkets. The all natural, sparkling beverage has been approved for shelf space in multiple Kroger locations in Atlanta, Georgia. After only two years on the market, Onli continues to build its grocery portfolio on top its initial roll out in over seven hundred Publix stores in Florida and Georgia. Onli also launched in Whole Foods Florida in their first year on the market.

With a unique, culinary array of flavor profiles, Onli differentiates themselves not only through taste, but also through their commitment to using all natural ingredients in all of their beverages. Complimentary to their focus on all natural ingredients, all of their products are Gluten Free, Kosher, BPA free, and GMO free. In a release from Kroger from the end of last year, current CEO, Rodney McMullen stated the following about Kroger’s plans to grow it’s presence in natural and organic products: “Our existing customers continue to buy more and more organic and natural foods, plus the younger generation a higher share in those categories. “

In line with Kroger’s plan, it seems a natural fit for Kroger to bring on an emerging beverage that will align with their consumers’ growing interest in natural and specialty products.

“Onli is excited to join Kroger’s family of products in the Atlanta market. It is a pleasure to work with their seasoned team who has made it their business to focus, plan, and execute the introduction of new products to market.” said Nadav Haimberg, CEO and Founder of Onli Beverages.

For more information, or to request a taste of onli™ please contact Kyle Watson at (954) 638.9617 or

About: onli™ Beverages goal is to redefine the experience of refreshment with premium sparkling water inspired by the culinary visionaries of our time. Each beverage balances a full spectrum of complimentary flavors stimulating the senses while enlivening the spirit. By pioneering complex combinations of savory notes that dance upon the palate while also unlocking nature’s benefits we stand to live up to our motto, an experience that is literally, and on so many levels, designed for “Elevating Taste.”