Red Bull Extends Editions Line With Two New Varieties

LAS VEGAS — At the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show Red Bull today unveils an expansion of the Red Bull Editions line with Red Bull Yellow, Red Bull Orange and Red Bull Cherry Editions to launch nationwide February 16, 2015. The new Red Bull Editions offer the tastes of tropical fruit, orange and cherry with the Wings of Red Bull. The Red Bull Orange and Cherry Editions provide all the flavor with zero calories and zero sugar. Additionally, the Red Bull Editions line will be moving to an exclusive 12 fl. oz. single serve size with the availability of 8.4 fl. oz. cans in 4-packs.

Red Bull Editions 2015 SKUs

Since the national launch in 2013, the Red Bull Editions have garnered 500 Million dollars in sales.* As a limited launch in July and August 2014, the Red Bull Summer Edition performed exceptionally well and will now return as a permanent national SKU – the Red Bull Yellow Edition. Orange and cherry are among the highest-ranked flavors in US flavor appeal studies and they complement the Red Bull formula, inspiring the Red Bull Orange and Cherry Editions.

The expansion demonstrates Red Bull’s commitment to offering consumers more choice. Since taste and sugar/calories are barriers to consumption within the energy drink category, these new flavors will continue to reach new consumers and encourage increased purchase among current customers who enjoy Red Bull while working, studying, traveling, playing sports or juggling the daily demands of life.

According to Mintel, sugar and calories are key category barriers beyond taste, so the Red Bull Orange and Cherry Editions will appeal to new users and health conscious consumers with flavored zero calorie, zero sugar options. In fact, Nielsen data shows that 59% of the energy category growth is coming from zero calorie flavored energy.

The Red Bull Editions line of Red Bull Red (cranberry), Blue (blueberry), Yellow, Orange and Cherry will be sold in single serve 12 fl. oz. cans to meet consumer preferences, and will be line priced with Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Sugarfree and Red Bull Total Zero. For consumers looking for an 8.4 fl. oz. can, 4-packs of Red Bull Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange Editions will be available.

A 12 fl. oz. Red Bull contains 114 mg caffeine, about the same as an equivalent sized serving of home-brewed coffee. The Red Bull Editions expansion will be supported by an expansive marketing campaign in 2015 including advertising, public relations, in-store POS, digital and social activations as well as a nationalsampling program with the Red Bull Wings Team.