Seminole Pride Noble Juice Now Offered in 12 Oz. Bottles

seminole nobleWINTER HAVEN, Fla. — The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., and W.G. Roe & Sons have expanded their  juice product offerings with a line of eight naturally pure and purely organic  “grab & go” 12 oz. versions of many of their most popular juices bottled under the Seminole Pride™ Noble® juice brand.

Seminole Pride™ Noble® juice “Grab & Go” 12 oz. juices include 100% Florida orange juice, 100% Florida tangerine juice, blood orange juice, lemonade made with agave, organic orange juice, organic apple juice, organic lemonade and Caribbean, which is a blend of 100% Florida tangerines, guava puree, and mango puree.

The eight “Grab & Go” juices join an extensive line of Seminole Pride™ Noble® juices available in larger family sizes.   As premium juices in smaller containers, the new line is designed to appeal to health-conscious, on-the-go consumers who are drinking juices throughout the day as part of their embrace of a healthy lifestyle.

“Citrus juices aren’t just for breakfast anymore,” said Tony Sanchez, President of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., the driving force behind the recent growth and expansion of Seminole Pride™ Noble® juices.  “Our 12-ounce products are the perfect complement to healthy breakfasts and lunches offered at many of the nation’s food service establishments.”

The launch of Seminole Pride™ Noble® juice “Grab & Go” products follows the successful rollout of a “Pure” marketing campaign for the extensive line of juices.  The “Pure” marketing campaign is visible on the brand’s new web site at, as well as on social media, point-of-purchase promotions, product sampling, product education and engagement such as recipes and videos, consumer advertising and publicity with daily sweepstakes and contests for consumers.  Sweepstakes entries can be completed on line at

The new marketing campaign debuted with a “Pure Juice, Pure Flavor, 100% Pure Ingredients” tagline, to emphasize the artisan hand-crafted, naturally pure product line.  The Seminole Pride™ Noble® juice portfolio includes the cornerstone 100% Florida Tangerine Juice, along with 100% Florida Orange, Organic Orange, 100% Tangerine Clementine, 100% Caribbean, Organic Orange Tangerine, Blood Orange, 100% Florida Super Red Grapefruit, Organic Grapefruit, 100% Lemon, 100% Lime, and seasonal juices.

In April of this year, the business development arm of the Seminole Tribe of Florida acquired a majority share in the W.G. Roe & Sons juice processing operation in Winter Haven, Fla.

About Seminole Pride™ Noble® Juice

The Seminole Tribe of Florida and W.G. Roe & Sons of Winter Haven have partnered to create fresh tasting, naturally pure and purely organic juices under the Seminole Pride™ Noble® brand.  Our family is committed to preserving and treasuring the agriculture and people of Florida.  Because of this passion, we hand-pick the citrus from our family’s groves or partnering groves at the height of the season to ensure that Seminole Pride™ Noble® is the purest, sweetest juice with no added flavors, artificial colors, artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Pure Juice, Pure Seminole Pride™, Pure Family – Seminole Pride™ Noble® is naturally pure, artisan-crafted juice for four generations.

About the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., the business development arm of the Seminole Tribe, believes in conserving, protecting and treasuring Florida’s agriculture.  That is why they developed the Seminole Pride™ brand, which stands for high quality, pure, family and “Fresh from Florida.”  A diverse line of products is offered under the Seminole Pride™ brand, including Noble® juices, beef, seafood, fresh citrus, and OWV™ spring water, an artisan spring water that naturally flows from a protected Florida aquifer in Orange Springs.  Citrus fruit for the Seminole Pride™ Noble® brand of juices are grown at the Tribe’s reservations, the Roe family’s groves and partnering citrus groves throughout Florida.  Sales and marketing activities for Seminole Pride™ products are managed by Seminole Brand Development.

About W.G. Roe & Sons

W.G. Roe & Sons is in partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. to establish a foundation that is committed to the agriculture and people of Florida.  W.G. Roe & Sons was founded in 1927.  It is a fourth-generation, family-owned, Florida business that grows, harvests and processes specialty fresh citrus and blueberries in Winter Haven.  Today, between the fresh citrus and pure juice, they handle fruit from 4,000 acres with care, passion, and quality.

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