WTRMLN WTR Gets a Lemon-Infused Line Extension

WTRMLN LMNNew York, NY (June 16, 2014) WTRMLN WTR, the coveted new healthy, fresh and refreshing beverage from World Waters, introduces a mouth-watering cold pressed take on lemonade as the second variation in its watermelon water lineup. WTRMLN LMN (Watermelon Lemon) is comprised of the same no-nonsense palate whetting ingredients as its predecessor, those being watermelon flesh and rind, with the addition of organic lemon in the mix. With warm weather in full swing, upgrade your nostalgic childhood treat to our low sugar lemon indulgence packed with electrolytes to deliver pure hydration.

Look no further than WTRMLN LMN as your summer refreshment staple. Brimming with benefits for the skin and body, a little lemon can go a long way in your daily diet. This high alkaline beverage will instantly balance your pH levels, fighting off harmful bacteria so you can trade in those sick days for vacation time. Thanks to the boost of Vitamin C and Lycopene, abundantly found in watermelon, radiant skin is just a sip away. If powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties aren’t enough to entice you, try trading in your morning coffee for WTRMLN LMN as a quick, natural pick me up to restore alertness and clarity for the day ahead. If you plan to be on the move, the muscle recovery enhancing amino acid Citrulline kicks in to combat muscle fatigue from exercise and other physical activities. It also works as a stellar natural libido booster! Not a bad combination.

When life gives you lemons just make sure they’re cold pressed with watermelon water. Visit www.wtrmlnwtr.com for further information about all of their fresh and tasty offerings, now available at Whole Foods Markets across the NY Metro area.

ABOUT WORLD WATERS: At World Waters, WE GROW WATER.  We are committed to redefining how and what we drink to nourish our bodies and sustain our ecosystem. World Waters aims to develop promising new and efficient models of food production that eliminate waste and take the stress off our environment. As an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious beverage company, World Waters aims to grow water while using healthy practices that benefit our consumers and the earth.