Brite Idea Foods Launches H2wOw

51rh2QEMTkLSAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – May 12, 2015) – Brite Idea Foods, an incubator of healthy and nutritious products, announced the launch of H2wOw, the first all-natural water enhancer made from real fruit extracts, botanicals and essential oils.

In the rapidly-growing, billion-dollar water enhancer category, H2wOw aims to disrupt the shelves laden with artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives and flavors. Now available in four unique flavors including Cucumber Lemongrass, Ginger Lime, Grapefruit Mandarin and Lemon Spearmint, H2wOw liquid water enhancers contain nothing artificial, include natural electrolytes for hydration, and are made with the highest quality ingredients, many of them organic.

“As the mom of two young children, I was trying to get my kids to drink more water instead of sugary alternatives,” said Alison Tirone, creator of H2wOw. She continues, “I wanted my family to drink something as pure as water but with a more exciting taste. I began experimenting with adding essential oils and extracts to our water bottles. My flavor combinations inspired friends and family to drink and enjoy more water, which ultimately led me to develop the concept for a water enhancer and started H2wOw,” added Tirone. She concludes:

“My goal was to create the best-tasting, all-natural water enhancer, made with as many organic ingredients as possible, with clean and refreshing flavors that compare to adding a slice of lemon, cucumber or orange to your water.”

Enter Tim Welch, Co-Founder and CPG Veteran. He says, “When I tried Alison’s prototypes I immediately knew this was a game changer, and I jumped at the opportunity to bring this fresh idea to market. H2wOw will not only disrupt this fast-growing category by being the healthiest liquid water enhancer, it will also be the leader in taste,” added Welch.

“We sourced our ingredients from around the world to create the most unique water enhancer on the market,” adds Todd Eichler, H2wOw co-founder. “From our Cold-Pressed South African Lime Oil to our Wild-Harvested Nepalese Lemongrass Oil, all of our ingredients are thoughtfully selected to create amazing flavor combinations unlike anything else currently available.”

Each 2oz bottle of H2wOw makes 24 servings. H2wOw is clear, lightly sweetened with organic agave and organic stevia, and contains only 3 calories per serving. H2wOw is now available on Amazon at a special introductory price.

H2wOw is based in San Francisco, CA. Learn more